Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarship Program

This program enables iMIS users - both members and non-members - to get iMIS training and education with minimal expense. Up to five scholarships will be awarded each year - three Phil Roberts Memorial Scholarships and two Phil Roberts e-Learning Scholarships.

Who was Phil Roberts? 

Having served on iUG’s Board of Directors and as President, Phil was a driving force behind our growth. In addition to serving the iMIS community, he was also the long-time President of the New Jersey Association of Broadcasters (NJBA) and strongly supported the free exchange of information. Phil valued education and self-improvement - serving as an adjunct professor at Middlesex County College

While having his own clear vision for iUG, he successfully worked with the Board of Directors to grow our organization into the international association it is today. Phil was a driving force for iUG, striking a deal with ASI and procuring the Discovery Conference Series. His attention to detail set the standard for providing first class conference locations and attendee experiences.

In recognition of his leadership, vision, and passion, this program ensures all iMIS user organizations - both large and small - can maximize their iMIS investment by obtaining the required training and education.