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As the leading non-profit iMIS users group, iUG has an unparalleled reputation for providing unbiased support to the entire iMIS community. iUG’s over 9,500 individual members and perspective members are the decision makers that you want to reach with your marketing message. These prospects come from all corners of the iMIS community, represent your target market, and hail from all over the world. They make purchasing decisions at every level. For the first time, iUG has created an innovative sponsorship package to help our Associate & Vendor members get their products and services in front of the the iMIS community. 

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A sponsorship with the iMIS Users Group gives your company an incomparable opportunity to reach the iMIS community. iUG members include a broad audience including C-level executives, department directors, database administrators, finance professionals, membership specialists and coordinators, event planners, fundraisers, and marketing professionals. They influence buying decisions at every level and represent various market segments. With an iMIS Users Group sponsorship, you’ll be able to penetrate the iMIS community while building awareness among a broad audience of association professionals. 


Keep your company in the spotlight year-round with consistent, persistent brand exposure. With a high-profile iUG sponsorship, your brand will be promoted throughout the year, making thousands of impressions among your target audience.